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Sunday, October 25, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Operation: Crustacean.- The EPF will be back!

Hey penguins! The EPF has not had a major event since Operation: Puffle in 2013. Now, two years later, the secret agency seems to be preparing something that will revive after such absence... A big party in November! What follows is leaked information, unless you want to ruin the surprise, better not read this post.


Well, if you're still reading this means you want to know more! Thats perfect! So let's start. The November party is called Operation: Crustacean. I'm not sure why they chose that name or if it even has to do with crabs, so for now let's leave it like that. Here are some facts about the party, some of the information is just speculation and probably not real:

  • The party is apparently based on aliens
  • The start of operation is when Herbert asked desperately for help because Klutzy disappears, probably was abducted by aliens.
  • The EPF will have a new handbook similar to that used to exist in the APS
  • There is a parody of the famous "Base 51" called "Base 5001" appears to be a place where Gary EPF or have been hiding traces of aliens. Probably the place known as "COLD"
  • The EPF will feature its first space equipment. Apparently we will have to travel into space for the first time in the present.
  • There is a rumor that the Protobot be involved
  • It is almost confirmed that there will puffles alien to be adopted, this would make sense since confirmed at least one new species before the year ends.
  • There is a strange rumor that this party could explain the puffles are actually aliens. It's unlikely, but it can happen.
  • There are images of a series of mazes, no one knows where they are or what their objective.
  • The so-called "Base 5001" will be in the spring and will be covered in paint because the operation conceal a festival of colors.


Legopuffle has managed to get images from most of the rooms and the maze! Even though we don't know what each room is, I do have to admit they all look pretty cool!

As you can see, we have what looks like a space ship! We can also look at Base 5001 in disguise at the dock! We have various maze rooms, a teleporter room and another spaceship!!! 

It is all the information I could get. It will certainly be an interesting event and perhaps get the EPF back alive, perhaps starting in space as the "Extra Planetary Federation" like in the future party! I'm not sure if this has to do with the end of the Halloween Party (SPOILERS) In which the Herbot betrays Herbert. There may be the possibility that he goes and look for Protobot and form a dangerous alliance. What do you think about all of this? Leave your comment below!

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