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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Discussion: Club Penguin Trainers

Hey penguins! Today I'm introducing this new section called "Discussions" here we will discuss diffrent topics suggested by you! Today, we will be talking about Club Penguin Trainers! 

So, what is a trainer? 

Trainers are programs that are downloaded onto the player's computer. The player then plays Club Penguin through the program using addons and plugins to cheat Club Penguin. Many addons are client side, meaning that only the player using the program can see the hack. Players are unlikely to get banned for client-side hacks. Client-side hacks would include changing a penguin's name, color, size, or changing to mascot clothing. 
Now that you know what a trainer is, we can proceed.
People like to use trainers because they are able to create bots, hack items or coins, they can even become a mascot if they want! However people don't remember that CP's rules exist for something! The rules clearly state that., 
"Cheating is strictly against the rules of Club Penguin, and any player that cheats gets banned for 72 hours or forever, depending on previous offenses on the player's account. Using websites to find the location of a pin, a secret in a catalog, or a walkthrough for a game or party are not considered cheating. Club Penguin encourages all secret agents, as well as every penguin, to report any suspected cheating."
This rule has a meaning! When people use trainers they are interfering with conections to servers. One person thinks that if they use a trainer they won't harm CP and they are correct. If ONLY ONE person used trainers he wouldn't harm CP, however, when we thousands of penguins using trainers tons of damage is made. Remember last time you contacted support because you couldn't log in? Now you know why! 

Some people that use trainers and hacks complain about poor quality in CP's content, however, they are forcing CP to have less content because they have to fix all of the damage created by hackers. 

As stated above, using trainers or any 3rd party program is against the rules of Club Penguin and whenever you break it you have the chance of being banned. 

Let us know what you think below! 

Waddle On!


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