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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Operation Legopuffle.- Introducing Legopuffle V4

Hey Penguin Friends! Today, I'm glad to announce that we will be updating! This time, we'll have a completely new design that, unlike our previous updates, has been made from scratch and doesn't have a single touch from our current one. You can see a sneak peek of Legopuffle v4 below.

The update includes a much cleaner design that includes a slider and 2 menus. We are also introducing Ads. With over 1,000 visitors a week, you can get your site featured in our top menu (Where the RS Kids image is at), at our site bar, on the slider or on the footer. All of the ads will be chosen by our team so you don't have to worry about seeing anything inappropriate Adsense could add. If you own a Club Penguin, Minecraft, or any other website for kids and are interested in being featured please contact us.

The updates will take place this weekend, you might find some bugs around the site, if you see any please contact us by going to our support form or leaving a comment on this post. 

Now, you may be wondering what the RS Kids is and why it appears in the sneak peek, well it's no accident! RS Kids is the Kids division of The Rocket Studios (the guys who own us). RS Kids contains all 100% kid friendly websites. I mean, other The Rocket Studios websites may talk about more mature topics, Film Flix for example could review a R movie. All of the sites that have the RS Kids logo somewhere are 100% kid friendly and will only talk about topics kids are interested in.

If you have any questions about the update, RS Kids or anything else mentioned in the post,  do not hesitate to leave a comment or to contact us on our social media.


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