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Monday, July 27, 2015

Social Penguin: A social network for us.

Hey Penguins! Social Penguin, the social network ONLY for the Club Penguin Community has arrived! Social Penguins gives players under 13 the chance to chat and meet other players without having to break Twitter's or FaceBook's rules. Social Penguin was created by 3 players in the Spanish Community, Legiso, Sanbil, and Zerquix... 

Why is it special?

The Club Penguin community has always dreamed about being able to have it's own social network, even though there have been many social media sites most have failed, Social Penguin however has received tons of support from both the Spanish and the English communities! While more support a site receives, it is harder for it to fail. Social Penguin is a twitter-like allows ALL penguins to connect with the community! It doesn't matter if you're 7 or if you're 20, if you play Club Penguin you can create an account. Social Penguin is completely save, however, giving personal information is still a risk, please don't do it.

How do I sign-up?
To sign-up just go to, select language in the top right corner, and fill the fields (Full name, username, email and Password)! 

Don't forget to give us a follow! 


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