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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Penguin Choice Awards 2015 Nominee List

Hey Penguin-Friends! I know everyone is exited to know who are the nominees for the Penguin Choice Awards 2015. During the Preliminary voting, we received more than 400 submissions and registered more than 300 pre-nominees! However, only the 6 with more votes will move to the next stage. We also removed 4 categories that did not get enough pre-nominees. These are "Favourite CP Radio Station", "Favourite CP TV Broadcaster", "Favourite Blog Award" and "Favourite Club Penguin Series" We also merged "Favourite Spanish CP Blog" with "Favourite Portuguese CP Blog". Now here is the Penguin Choice Awards 2015 official nominee list. 

Best English CP Blog: 

  1. TKCPCheats 
  2. Club Penguin Space 
  3. Club Penguin Memories 
  4. Legopuffle CP Cheats 
  5. Club Penguin Reveals 
  6. Pirate CP Cheats 
Best International CP Blog:
  1. Projetos Thiago27 (Portuguese)
  2. DanPenguiCP (Spanish)
  3. Club Penguin Avalanche (Portuguese)
  4. Club Penguin Access (Spanish)
  5. Club Penguin Fiesta (Spanish)
  6. KrhzCP (Spanish)
Best GFX Designer
  1. Thiago27 
  2. Frozen Flash 
  3. Cw700 
  4. Robbery699 
  5. OgaitnasM 
  6. Roudrasish1 
Best CP Video Maker
  1. Pup1one 
  2. CPWorld
  3. CPPerapin
  4. Loo978
  5. Oscar One
  6. Roudrasish1
Best Blogger
  1. Trainman1405 (Club Penguin Memories)
  2. Riyita (Club Penguin Space)
  3. MrZero3 (Club Penguin Reveals)
  4. Lion Police (A Club Penguin Realm)
  5. Pup1one (Pup1one)
  6. Kingboo884 (TkCPCheats)
Blog With The Best Design
  1. Legopuffle (
  2. Club Penguin Avalanche (
  3. Club Penguin Space (
  4. Riffy8888 (
  5. Radish CP Guides (
  6. Club Penguin Air (
Best Party Host
  1. Rosytilly
  2. ScholarCP
  3. Thinknoodles
  4. Osenry
  5. Distorcktiv7
  6. Pup1one
Best Artist
  1. JordyP1
  2. Squeky10
  3. Cw700
  4. ThePenguinCat
  5. Tech70
  6. Pincells
Best Penguin
  1. Rosytilly
  2. Spark Flurry
  3. 1900bloo
  4. Pup1one
  5. Somsubhra1
  6. Roudrasish1
Best Twitter Account
  1. @Snoop500CP
  2. @Legopuffle
  3. @Pen50gi
  4. @Osenry
  5. @MrZero3CP
  6. @iBuddyJosh10
Favourite CP Staff Member
  1. Megg
  2. Spike Hike
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Ninja
  5. Screenhog (Former)
  6. Polo Field (Former)
Best CP Party
  1. Christmas Party
  2. Halloween Party
  3. The Fair
  4. Medieval Party
  5. Prehistoric Party
  6. Future Party
Congrats to all of the nominees! To receive your invites to the award show, please contact us on twitter (@Legopuffle) or in the Contact Us page of the site!  If you did not get nominated but you want to go to the award show, don't worry! We are raffling 5 invites!The details will be on a post coming soon! And, even if you don't win, you'll be able to watch the LIVE streaming of the show on Puffle Vision! You'll be able to send last minute votes via SMS to them!!! Awesome right? Get ready, because the Penguin Choice Awards 2015 voting phase has started. 

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