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Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Club Penguin Code - Cool Camping Kit

Hey guys! A new code was recently released for Club Penguin. Go log in to your penguin, click 'Unlock Items Online' in the top right hand corner of the servers list and then click 'I've got a code' and then, type in the code FERIASCP

After that, click 'Next' and you've unlocked yourself a whole bunch of awesome loot! 

I wonder why they gave us gear for camping? Hmm. Maybe this has something to do with the Club Herbert update? Maybe they just want to give us some camping gear since it's summer. We may never know. All I do know is that 'Feria' is a Latin word for 'Free Day' and 'Ferias' is a plural word for it. Maybe they are referring to summer and how we are free from school and let to do whatever we want? Maybe... they are referring to how we are free from Herbert? But it will all change... I'm starting to think this is all part of Herbert's Operation, and after we thought we have been safe for long, Herbert is finally returning...

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