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How To... Become a Water Ninja

NOTE: To become a Water Ninja you must be a black belt ninja first. If you are not one yet, click here to learn how to become one. 
Just like in Card-Jitsu, to become a water ninja you must battle other penguins in Card-Jitsu Water to earn points, progress, and collect all 4 Water Ninja items.

To get started head over to the Card-Jitsu Water Dojo and talk to Sensei. He’ll explain to you how to battle:
Choose a card from the bottom of your screen.
Empty stones by making the elements disappear. You may have to play several cards on the same stone.
Pick an empty, glowing stone to move. Remember – you can jump diagonally!
Reach the gong or be the last ninja standing to win! The further ahead you are, the more experience you’ll earn.
Kick the gong to earn bonus experience points.
Add elements to stones in front of your opponents to slow them down.
You’re now ready to battle! Once you’ve battled enough times to collect all 4 Water items talk to Sensei and challenge him. Like all the other challenges, it will take you a couple of times to beat Sensei so don’t get discouraged!
Once you’ve beaten Sensei you will receive a Water Gem for your amulet.
Congratulations! You’re now a Water Ninja. Your next journey awaits… click here to learn more on how to become a Snow Ninja.

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