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How To... Become a Ninja

To become a ninja head over to the Dojo Courtyard. Sensei will talk to you and give you a Snow Starter Deck and an amulet to get started.

Greeting Ninja. Train here in the ancient  art of Card-Jitsu This amulet is symbol of your ninja triumphs. You are ready. Begin.

 Waddle inside the Dojo and talk to Sensei. He’ll explain to you how Card-Jitsu works:

First pick a card to play…
While picking a card keep in mind Snow beats Water…
Fire beats Snow..
… and Water beats Fire.
If cards are the same, the highest number wins.
There are two ways to win: Have three cards of the same type in 3 different colors…
.. or have one of each card type in different colors.
You’re now ready to battle! Each time you win a match you’ll receive points to progress and collect your next belt. There are 9 different belts:
To collect each belt you must win the following amount of times:
  • White belt – 5 wins
  • Yellow belt – 10 wins
  • Orange belt – 20 wins
  • Green belt – 30 wins
  • Blue belt – 40 wins
  • Red belt – 50 wins
  • Purple belt – 60 wins
  • Brown belt – 75 wins
  • Black belt – 90 wins
Once you’ve earned the black belt talk to the Sensei challenge him. One thing is for sure: you won’t beat Sensei the first time. Keep trying at don’t get discouraged. It  usually takes 8-10 times to beat him.
Once you’ve beaten Sensei you’ll receive the mark of a Card-Jitsu master, a ninja mask.
Congratulations! You’re now a ninja. However, your next adventure awaits… click here to learn more on how to become a Fire Ninja.

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