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Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Author; Ninjaoninja2.

Hey Penguins,
I am pleased to announce I have become a part of the LegoPuffle family! In doing so, that also means I am back to the Club Penguin community with some amazing ideas, of course, i'm sure not all of you know me so let me formally introduce myself! Hi, I am Ninjaoninja2 I am 16, I've been playing Club Penguin since roughly 2007, I love to develop games in Flash, and overall I am a very caring person. Now a little back story, at around 3 years old I was diagnosed with Aspergers, it was very hard for me to go out and meet new people, and overall live life. Club Penguin helped me overcome fears of being "Socially Awkward" by allowing me to reach out to people in a nice safe community, and that moment when Club Penguin brought me to two of my best friends still together today, I will never forget.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my introductory post and will leave a comment if you have any questions for me.

Until next time... Waddle on! :)

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